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On this pages I give you extra information about pratical solutions and situations I’ve encountered. Also descriptions an situations of Equipment, hard- and Software.

If you have question, Just ask me via E-mail and I will reply.

Yaesu ATAS-120A Mobile Antenna

A possible solution if you live i a apartment-building like i do, is the use of a small Mobile antenna on the Roof or balcony.

Sorry, the time of big Antenna farms is over. You must find another solution.

I found a solution in making use of the Yaesu “Active Tuning Antenna System”

When I in 2012 wanted to pick-up my Radiohobby again, I choose the Yaesu FT-897D All Mode Tranceiver in combination with the ATAS-120A Active antenna

For more information, how I did it, Click on one of the pictures here below and you find my solution.

Atas Atas Atas DL/PA0GTB

DL/PA0GTB  (my Holiday Callsign in Germany)

Almost every Year i go on Holiday in Germany. On the location where i’’m staying, i have the possibility to do some experiments on HF with Wire-antennas, which i can’t do at home anymore. Most times i do make lots of QSO’s on all HF bands.

Click on the QSL card here above for more information

Digital Modes

Ather I came back on Air again in 2012, lots of things seems te being changed. Besides CW and SSB new Digital Modes are used. The use of Packet-radio seems to be on a very low level. New modes like PSK, Contestia, Olivia, JT-65, MPSK, Thor and lost of others fancy modes are in use. Quit a difference with Packet-Radio in the 90s. It was a challenge to start with this new modes

Otherwise than with Packet-Radio, was the development of nice Software Tools and programs to make use of this new modes. Also the Software Defined Radio (SDR) has seen the light.

Practical use of Digital modes

I’ve started to build a interface to connect the PC on the Radio. In the meantime I’ve used several programs and have done my own experience how to use these Digital Modes on Air.

Click on the picture of the “Waterfall” on the Left, to go to my special Digital Modes page, and I tell you more of it.

Digital Modes

Programs to use the Digital Modes

Afther doing some serious testing with the available programs, I’ve a choise.

My favorite Program is Ham Radio DeLuxe (HRD). Because HRD don’t has the Ability to Use alle the Digital Modes Available on air, for that cases I use Fldigi

To connect the Yaesu FT-897D with the computer, I’ve build myself a interface, designed by Funkamateur. For more information, go to : INTERFACE ONE

The Yaesu FTDX-3000D tranceiver has a build in Interface. You only need a USB Cable to connect with the PC. The FTDX-3000D need special settings to operate. Its not always documented easy, but at the end I found al the information I needed.

For the program HRD lots of information is available on the Internet. For Fldigi you have to find out the settings for the FTDX-3000D yourself !.

Therefore I wrote a manual special How to connect Fldigi and Yaesu FTDX-3000D for Digital Mode.

You wil find all the instructions and manuals at:  :

Yaesu FTDX-3000D and Digitale Modes


As many other HAM’s I’m also a member of several Society's and User groups.

I made a overview of the most important ones

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